An Easy Fix That Can Save BIG Repair Bucks

Repairing a bathroom, kitchen or an entire house after a plumbing leak can be not only a HUGE expense, but also a huge headache.  While some leaks are caused by broken piping or malfunctioning fixtures, these costly leaks are often due to something very simple: a burst water supply line on a toilet or faucet.

Supply lines carry water to your fixtures and should also be connected at the wall to an angle stop allowing you to easily turn off the water to a single fixture should you discover a leak.  Many older homes have older supply lines and many don’t have angle stops at every fixture.  Both these things are so important not only for preventing leaks, but by making it easier to address a leak should it occur.

Angle stops are great not only for turning off a toilet before it overflows, but stopping a water leak or even making it so a single fixture can be repaired or replaced without shutting down the water to your entire home. Angle stops are especially important in multi-family properties where the neighbors might not be so happy that you’ve interrupted their shower in order to repair your kitchen faucet!

Supply lines in the home should be stainless steel braided lines and changed out every 5-10 years.  Replacing an old water supply line can literally save you thousands of dollars and loss of use of your home.   Supply lines take very little time to replace and often a bathroom with a toilet and one sink can be done within an hour.  The parts are very inexpensive as well ($15-$30 each). Spending a few hundred dollars to insure you don’t return from summer vacation to a swamp seems like a great idea for every homeowner!

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