Brandt Plumbing bases its fees for most service calls on a Time & Materials basis. Our current hourly rate is $150.00/hour, with a minimum of $150.00. We pro-rate by the 1/2 hour after 1 hour of service.

For larger jobs, we suggest you get a free estimate, or call us to discuss the project. If no price is pre-determined, we will apply our time & materials pricing.

Brandt Plumbing cannot guarantee any sewer or drainage snaking unless it is expressly written on the invoice. A clogged sewer or drain can become clogged again for various reasons and without a video camera inspection ($350) to determine other factors, we are unable to guarantee that a line will not clog again.

Occasionally, we use larger equipment that is charged as a flat rate:

Sewer Video Camera $350.00

Line Tracing Services $200.00

Large Snake Machine $350 Flat Rate Single Family/$650 Flat Rate Multifamily or Commercial. Cost does not guarantee that line can be cleared.

Hydro Flush $200.00/HR

3/4” Earthquake Shut-off Valves: $1250.00 (This price does not include Permit fees, applying for permits or standing inspection.)

Water Heater Pricing:

30 Gallon: $1800.00

40 Gallon: $2000.00

50 Gallon: $2200.00

75 Gallon+: Call for Pricing

Tankless Heaters: Call for Pricing

Note: Water Heater pricing is based on standard 6 year manufacturer warranty. Extended warranties, permits, added features and non-traditional or attic or basement applications may require estimates/surcharges.

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